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The above link is the information for qualifications for USCG merchant Marine licenses.   See bottom of page for complete details on Licensing

April 18, 2014

National Maritime Center at 888-427-5662 for additional information.

Remember you need to have a TWIC card to keep your Merchant Marine License in effect, no renewal or new licenses will be issued without a TWIC card. The TWIC takes several weeks to get fee $125.00 5 years card

Your  packet can be mailed to any one of the 17 Regional Exam centers listed on the website.

Information about Merchant Mariner License without enough sea time from the Coast Guard, you can renew if you follow the proper procedure below.

Good Morning,

I received your letter and this is what you have to do to renew your license. You will need to file out an application I will need a physical, drug test and a copy of your TWIC card. Since you do not have 360 days of sea time there is a take home exam that you can do it is an additional $45.00. Once you apply to renew your license the National Maritime Center will send you a letter saying that you have been approved to test and then we will send you out your examines. The renewal fee is $95.00 and the take home exams are $45.00 total $140.00. You do not need to go to the REC in New York you don't actually have to go to an REC you can do it all by mail now. Just send in your application physical drug test the copy of your TWIC card and a check or money order for $140.00 and state on your application that you want to do the take home exam that you don't have enough sea time to renew. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me or you can contact the National Maritime Center at 888-427-5662. Thank you and have a great day.

U.S. Coast Guard
National Maritime Center
100 Forbes Dr. Martinsburg, WV 25404
(P) 888-427-5662
(F) 304-433-3416

The fee can be paid on The fee for renewal is $95 not including testing, the testing fee for a renewal is $45 if needed, the fee for a new license is $140 not including any other testing fee's.  this is the info from the USCG Center

Thank you for contacting the Mariner Information Call Center.

UNITED STATES COAST GUARD RENEWAL INFORMATION AND APPLICATION PAGE THE PDF FILES HERE for you to download the ones needed to renew or update your license Merchant Marine  Document.

There are four files plus the image and credit card form needed each one is loaded here as a PDF file, you will need Adobe PDF reader  to open the file, you can print out or upload to your computer.

If you visit there site you will look under MMD or STCW for the proper downloads if you encounter any problem with these files.

Renewals should take up three months because of the back ground and Home Security check. This is for all  renewals


New York
USCG Regional Examination Center
1 South Street

Battery Park Building
New York, NY 10004 

Updated phone numbers Dec 10 2009
(212) 668-7492 or 212 668 7864  
Fax 212.668.6394

    Boston, Massachusetts
    First Coast Guard District
    408 Atlantic Avenue
    Boston, MA 02110


Coast Guard WEB SITE

check this web site for upgrades to any and all USCG forms listed on this web page for original or renewal applications

Training Guide link

USCG info/USCG Training guide.url



USCG info/CG_719K Phyiscal.pdf

USCG info/USCG medical site.url

Drug test info

USCG info/CG_719P Drug.pdf Sea service time form
Applicaltion USCG merchant marine License

USCG info/USCG Lic site.url

Lic app USCG info/CG_719B app lic.pdf

Sea Service  form USCG info/CG_719S Sea service.pdf

USCG  image page for identification
Fees page 2692 Marine Accident Form  link updated
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